Anti-Fog Cloth

Proprietary Nano-Technology & Plant Cellulose Based Formula

FogEraser Anti-Fog Cloth

Simple Wipe, Instant Effectiveness

Long Lasting & Reusable

Proprietary Nano-Technology, Super Anti-Fog Effectiveness


To any of my fellow hospital workers who cannot see through their foggy glasses while you’re wearing a mask and a face shield. After trying every other ineffective suggestion I had been given, I skeptically picked up one of these cloths and turns out it actually really works. I can’t even fog up my glasses on purpose! Will it stop working eventually? Sure it will. But it’s not so exorbitantly expensive that I can’t afford to replace it when that happens. Anyway just thought I’d share because“the struggle is real.“ Now if somebody could just come up with a solution for sweating underneath all these layers of PPE I’d really appreciate it! 😝


I am in my 70s and thus am in a group which is highly vulnerable to COVID. I always wear a mask when going out. This cloth works perfectly to prevent my glasses from fogging up. Before using it, I breathed directly onto my glasses and the lenses fogged up. I used the cloth as directed on the lenses, breathed on them again, and no fogging. I went for a 5 mile walk wearing a mask, and no fogging whatsoever, even when going up a steep hill where I was breathing heavily. If you're wearing a mask, I recommend this cloth.

Frugal Shopper

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of these wipes, but I was desperate to get something to stop my glasses from fogging up when I wear a mask. I followed the instructions - I breathed on my glasses enough to fog them, and then cleaned them with one of these cloths. Amazingly - no more fog on my glasses. I had my mask on for two or three hours and had absolutely no fogging. The next day they started fogging up just a little bit. All I had to do was another wipe with the same cleaning cloth and again - no fog. I love them. It is also nice that each cleaning wipe comes with its own zip-lock pouch. That makes it easy to leave in my car on the visor, so it is handy for my next excursion. I am curious to see how many times I can re-use a single cleaning cloth.


5-star because it works as advertised. For $20, it's a bit ehh pricey I'd say, considering other brands offer more packs. But that's the thing, you don't know if they work or not. I had to bite the bullet and grabbed this one pack deal.I wear glasses and I'm a nail tech, the fog is killing me when I need some pristine clear view for work. Not to mention, we all have to wear masks these days, nobody likes a foggy view, I'd assume. This work for me for more than 10 hours a day with mask on, and glasses on. No fog. Great stuff.Sometimes it works for 2 days straight but I'm not going to bet or gamble on it. I just re-apply every morning before work. Sometimes when I forget to apply, it still works the next day if I don't cleanse or touch put on/take off glasses too much.The most important thing is that you need to clean your glasses beforehand with a different cloth.It's to prep your glasses for the procedure as these nano particles won't have space to stick on well if your glasses are dirty or not cleansed well. This is to provide the fog-free view, not meant to replace as a cleansing cloth. And when you do, rub it with a bit more force to embed the particles onto the glasses for lack of words. If your glasses get dirty during the day, use your other cleanse cloth and very mildly clean them glasses. So the anti fog thing would still stay on. The first few times it did not work well for me due to me rubbing too lightly, or not cleaning glasses beforehand. So there's that.


Mary l

AMAZING! This honestly saved my daily life. I didn’t want to use my glasses since I have to use a mask all day for both jobs. Honestly preferred to struggle with my vision. I breathe and they don’t fog up! I walk in a freeze rand come out they don’t fog up. I pour a hot soup they don’t fog up. Must I say more lol! Showed my co-workers and they were speechless. They will probably buy the same product. Just follow the instructions on the box and you’re good to go. Thank you so much!

Brenda Marlow

We are so impressed with this product. We wore masks all day with absolutely no fogging of our glasses. The glasses didn't even fog when we got out of the air conditioned car into the humid summer heat. I am ordering more for family and friends.

Hopkins Academy

These wipes are my new best friend! I work in and out of a freezer and have to wear a mask all day. These are the only things that have worked! I so have to reapply a few times a day but I think that’s because my lenses get wet in the freezer. I love that they come in a little zip pouch so it’s easy to carry in my work vest and you get many, many uses out of just one and they provide you with several. Would definitely buy again and will recommend to all my coworkers!

Margaret G.

I have literally tried 2 sprays and another "wet type"wipe. None of them worked. My glasses would still fog when I had on a mask. I tried these wipes and it was a MIRACLE. It was the first time since March I have been able to use my glasses at the grocery store with a mask on. Also, it was HOT and HUMID when I stepped out of my house from the AC and my glasses didn't fog!!! Also the best part of these wipes is that the cloth is a dry wipe cloth... not wet so there are is no streaking. I have been wiping my glasses before going out when I know I will need a mask.

Anne C.

I ordered these because of the Covid-19, wearing face masks and glasses makes for a foggy day. These wipes work great and cuts the fog down to almost nothing. Lasts all day. Fast shipping too. Will order again.

D. Kelly